CharityWorks helps local charities by supporting programs that will have an impact today, tomorrow and in the future.
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Leah Gansler

CharityWorks was founded in 1999 by a group of volunteers seeking a better way to make a difference in our community.  Many years and more than $15 million in grants later, we have become an effective bridge between donors and non-profit organizations doing the hard work of helping families and children in need. Each year, through an extensive application process, CharityWorks selects two non-profit organizations (one military and one non-military) to become our partner.  The chosen partners become the beneficiaries of a year-long series of fundraising and community service activities.  What sets CharityWorks apart is that we help “turbo-charge” our non-profit partners so that they can go to the next level. 

Since it began, CharityWorks has become a major philanthropic organization in the Washington Metropolitan area and has distributed millions of dollars in high-impact grants to:

  • purchase 20 plots of land for Habitat for Humanity and build a home for a single mother and her daughter;
  • send 24 local foster children to college for four years;
  • open and expand literacy programs to benefit thousands of children per year;
  • expand the programs of The Fishing School, and after-school and summer program operating in what 20/20 called the worst street in America;
  • finance the construction of a second campus for See Forever’s  Maya Angelou Public Charter School and help establish their Young Adult Learning Center, giving hundreds of high school teens and young adults what The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer called “their last chance at success”;
  • expand and open after-school and summer programs at 10 elementary schools in some of the most under-resourced areas in DC;
  • expand the Higher Achievement Program and give 500 low-income middle school children a chance to attend a top high school; 
  • create and expand award winning programs for Center City Consortium and give 2,400 at risk elementary and middle school children a chance to receive a first rate education;
  • build a Fisher House to provide a home away from home for our military families;
  • design and build early childhood centers of excellence at Friendship Public Charter School in Washington, D.C.'s least-advantaged neighborhoods so that young learners will have a chance to forge their futures long before the community around them gives up on them;
  • fund LIFT-DC’s comprehensive counseling services to chart a path out of poverty for more than 1,000 families in our community;
  • help the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund provide emergency financial assistance to nearly 500 families of injured service members so they could focus on the rehabilitation and recovery of their loved one;
  • provide over 2,000 of DC’s hardest-to reach students the gift of inspired learning through meticulously crafted academic programs;
  • provide more than 100 scholarships to military spouses and dependents;
  • provide funds for the construction of the USO’s Warrior and Family Center in Bethesda, MD to support America’s wounded warriors and their families: and
  • expand Capital Partners for Education (CPE) programs to provide at-risk youths with the resources and mentoring to attend top high schools and colleges.

As we begin our second decade of service to our community, we wish to recognize the support we have received from our members, Advisory Board, and donors, and give special thanks to our partners who are doing the hard work of changing lives --- one family at a time.